Better, Gym Brentwood Gets Active for National Fitness Day  2016


Fitness for free at Better, Gym Brentwood this National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day on Wednesday 7th September will see a huge range of free events and taster sessions take place across the country. Better is providing free activities for everyone as part of their involvement in National Fitness Day, helping make it the most active day of the year in the UK.

As part of National Fitness Day, we are putting on hundreds of free taster sessions to inspire people to get moving while making it easy and fun to try something new. So whether you fancy toning up, getting more active, or trying something new, National Fitness Day is a great place to start. There are loads of fitness sessions for you to try out for free at many of our Better leisure centres - and you don’t even have to be a Better member to take part.

At Better, Gym Brentwood members and non-members alike will be able to take part in challenges for free.

Challenge 1:

Distance challenge

Event : 2000 metre row challenge

Address: The Baytree Centre, Brentwood CM14 4BX

Time: 10-2pm / 6-8pm

Challenge 2: Body weight challenge

Event : Plank challenge ( as long as possible) press up chqallenge ( as many as possible)

Address: The Baytree Centre, Brentwood CM14 4BX

Time: 7-8am / 5-7pm