The 2016/2017 diving season is coming to an end with the results from Dive London Aquatics Club, based at the London Aquatics Centre, being better than ever, with the pinnacle being Tom Daley becoming the 10m platform World Champion in Budapest in July.

Dive London registered a 34% increase in entries into competitions during the 2016/2017 season compared to the 2015/2016 season. 41% of their entries won medals, a slight increase on the year before, with 45% of competition entries finishing in the Top 10 of the competitions, again a slight increase from the previous year.

Dive London squads span from young promising divers up to Senior Internationals like Tom. The club forms a pathway from the Tom Daley Diving Academy (TDDA), based at the London Aquatics Centre and other Better leisure centres, as well as from other diving clubs for any promising or celebrated divers. 67 of Dive Londons current squad members graduated from TDDA at the London Aquatics Centre.

The 2016/2017 season saw the first grassroots divers selected from the London Aquatics Centre’s TDDA from last season coming through into their first competitions, showing results on British Diving’s pathway, coached by Dive London’s Jodie Ellis. This resulted in increased medal wins, 9 medals from 21 entries up from 4 medals from 19 entries the previous year, from a similar sized entry level ‘Skills’ squad.           

Dive London registered large participation increases in the top junior level and Entries at the senior nationals’ level, with the senior nationals also recording an large increase in medals. At the British National Cup in February, Dive London took a squad double the size of the previous year but gained a 60% increase in medals from the previous year. The Dive London programme’s first major talent testing took place at the start of 2017 between January and March. 2500 children were tested in schools and at the London Aquatics Centre over 3 stages. The best divers were picked to join Dive London, with 14 selected divers forming two main talent squads and five others have joined squads at the appropriate levels.

Four of Dive London’s squad made the British Team entered into the Junior European Championships in Bergen, Norway, across the end of June and start of July, only one Dive London squad member had been selected the previous year. The four returned with two silvers and a bronze an improvement on the one bronze medal the previous year.

Dive London’s most celebrated diver, Tom Daley, gained his most prestigious title this season when he became World Champion off the 10m platform. Tom also gained a silver in the mixed 3m springboard alongside Grace Reid, the pair train frequently together at the London Aquatics Centre. Four Dive London members were selected for the World Championships compared to only one being selected last year. Overall there was 25 international competition selections for senior Dive London members up from 18 the previous year. Seven of Dive London divers are now gaining funding from British Diving, an increase from last season.            

David Jenkins, Diving Development Lead Coach at London Aquatics Centre, said, “I would like to say a big thank you to the team around Dive London for allowing these great results to happen including all the squad coaches, admin support around the divers, and the London Aquatics Centre staff and facility which have all led to these results as well as the hard work from our divers themselves.

“The pathway from diving beginners with the Tom Daley Diving Academy up to the Dive London senior squad at the London Aquatics Centre is fully mapped out and we are seeing the rewards.”

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