We’re hosting an open weekend at our refurbished Centre.

 Come try out some of the following activities:-

  • Free Gym with brand new Technogym machines and group cycle bikes, Free classes including; Group Cycling, Body Combat, Body Pump and many more.
  • Walking Football (45+)
  • Free Swimming, Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi

Friday 10th Jan

Walking Football social game at 10.30am (ages 45+) 

Fitness Classes include:-

Group Cycling @ 6.30am (Lewis)

Body Combat @ 9.30am (Shaun)

Core Stability @ 9.30am (Becky)

Group Cycling (Power Based) @ 10.30am

Mindfulness @ 10.30am (Becky)

Water Workout @ 11.30am (Becky)

Group Cycling @ 5.45pm (Shaun)

Body Attack @ 5.45pm (Karly & Becky)

Body Combat @ 6.15pm (Karly & Felicity)

Aerobics @ 6.45pm (Dean) 

Saturday 11th Jan

Fitness Classes include:-

Body Attack @ 8.30am (Karly)

Group Cycling @ 9.30am (Shaun)

Fitness Rebounder @ 9.30am (Becky)

Fitness Rebounder @ 10.00am (Becky)

Total Body Conditioning @ 10.30am (Shaun)

Sunday 12th Jan

Fitness Classes include:-

Body Combat @ 8am (Felicity)

Group Cycling @ 9.00am (Jim)

Body Pump @ 9.00am (Shaun)

Group Cycling @ 10.00am (Shaun)

Dance Aerobics @ 10am (Susy)