When the team at Glyndon expressed an interest in doing a garden project I jumped at the chance to help. 

What a brilliant way to teach the young people where their food comes from and what it looks like before its put in a bag on the supermarket shelf. What it tastes like as well as giving them a chance to learn about new veggies they might not even have seen before.

The playworkers with the help of the young people cleared an area of grass that wasn’t being used, purchased seeds, gardening equipment, soil, gloves canes etc. and planted out seeds.

The young people watered and looked after the plants daily. There were lots of snails so they decided to put the lettuce they grew into boxes and stored them off the ground and they flourished.

They are also growing herbs including mint, sage, coriander and basil as well as a cherry tree, apple tree and grape vines.

Well done everyone