Firstly we'd like to wish Hannah the best of luck as she leaves us on Maternity. She's worked and taught right up until the final point that she can, even when heavily pregnant! We can all agree that she's a machine. We're all looking forward to seeing her new baby boy when he arrives.


But, do not worry. We have been searching and have found some great new instructors. Brandon, Carol, Vicki and Eloise all start with us as the new timetable launches in September. Some of these are covering Hannah's classes:



  • Group Cycle - 06.15 will now be with James
  • Strength and Conditioning - 07.00 New fitness instructor Brandon
  • Body Pump - 10.30 another new instructor, Carol will take this on


  • Extreme Interval Fitness - 06.15 with Brandon
  • Body Pump - 8.00 Sarah N


  • Body Pump is now Power Pump - 17:00 with Connor
  • Extreme Interval Fitness is now Body Combat - 18.15 with new instructor Vicki


  • Group Cycling - 09.30 Carol
  • Body Pump - 10.30 Carol

Our new timetable goes live in September so make sure you pick one up in club or check it out online:Our class timetable