Jon Lewthwaite, General Manager of Appleby Leisure Centre and Frenchfield Sports Centrehas been through a huge transformation over the last few months, loosing a whopping 4 stones, due to healthy eating and regular exercise. Working for GLL, the UK's largest leisure social enterprise, Jon knows full well how important it is to keep fit and healthy!

Jon has decided to run in the London Marathon this year in aid of Carlisle Eden Mind, specifically for the Suicide prevention campaign. When asked why he was taking part in the marathon he said: “I’m running the London marathon 2017 in memory of my close friend Ben Osborne who we lost to suicide in 2014. Its been a tough 3 years and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him, if it wasn’t for Ben I wouldn’t be the man I am today and I’m sure all that knew him would agree that he was one of a kind. If I can raise funds that can help just 1 person then it will be more than worth it. Also on a personal note it will be some achievement to do a marathon, not everybody can say they have done one.”

Jon started training for the Marathon in January of this year but started to exercise again on a more regular basis back in March 2016, when he was asked about his training routine his comments were as follows: “At the moment I am solely focusing on the running with the marathon in mind and I chuck in a kettlebell session twice a week at home. I do 2 indoor runs and 2 outdoor runs a week. These can range from easy, tempo, pace and long runs. Sundays generally are my long run days. I’m up to 18 miles now and going steady. Sunday 2nd April will be my longest run of the training of around 22/23 miles and I'll then start to wind it in with race day in mind.”

Jon’s weight loss has been astounding and he is now around the 11st mark with his body fat percentage dropping dramatically. After he lost his friend Ben, he turned to a very unhealthy diet including plenty of Pizza and Crisps, which at the time comforted him. He decided he needed to make changes not long before his daughter Sadie was due and he admits this was his biggest inspiration and motivation!

When Jon was asked to give two tips on how he keeps motivated, he replied:  “I tend to only allow myself 1 cheat day a month. I have a white board in my kitchen with a countdown on. I also write down anything I crave on it so when it comes to cheat day I pick stuff off there. That helps massively. Training also gives me something to focus on. Especially running, I find that running helps me clear my mind and is a great way to relax believe it or not.”

Jon will be running the Marathon  on Sunday 23rd April along with the thousands of other competitors who are signed up. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please click here.