Do you fancy challenging yourself this January? Why not speak to an instructor about the possibility of joining our small programme in January 2019. We are looking for 6-10 motivated people to learn more about fat loss and improving their overall health and physique.

What is on offer….

  • A supportive instructor to offer 1-1 advice over the 10 week period.
  • Support setting up and tracking / understanding calorific intake.
  • Weekly / Bi-weekly training sessions and fitness assessments.
  • A private FB support group for questions and tips.
  • The chance to drop some body fat and learn how to maintain it.

What is not on offer….

  • A fad diet approach to lose weight quickly. We are aiming for steady, sustainable losses.
  • Days and days of rigid meal plans. We are aiming to provide information which will allow you to dictate your intake for the long term.


Price? Free to existing members.

Prize – Great results, knowledge and the winner (decided by the 3 members of the fitness team) will win a months free membership!