In October 2016 Natasha Policia decided she wanted to make a positive lifestyle change and chose Better Gym Cannock as the place she wanted to achieve this. Almost instantly after joining, Natasha opted to go with one of our personal trainers Ali, as she believed she could provide her with results much quicker due to her wide range of knowledge in both diet and exercise. It turns out she was right, as she claimed choosing Ali was the best choice she could have made! 

Natasha has dropped a total of 13.5 inches since February, which allowed her to feel much more comfortable when she went on holiday to Ibiza a couple of weeks ago. As she didn’t measure herself when she initially started in October, the reality is, she has probably dropped much more than the 13.5 inches!! With another holiday to Lanzarote booked with her family in September, Natasha has set herself an aim of dropping another 6.5 inches. 

Natasha has 2 PT sessions a week with Ali and says even though Ali’s legs sessions are a killer, she loves it! That feeling of pain when she wakes up in the morning is something Natasha enjoys, as she knows she has worked hard and is another step closer to where she wants to be. Her sessions usually consist of a mixture of both cardio and weights, to try and help reduce fat and build muscle for that toned image. Although she hasn’t yet attended the classes, Natasha is keen to get involved in our Les Mills BodyCombat class on a Sunday which Ali teaches.

One person Natasha couldn’t praise enough was her personal trainer Ali. Natasha says “Ali is the best! She pushes me despite all the moaning. I love the fact she is so friendly and easy to get along with, but gets the job done at the same time! I couldn’t have done it without her support”. Along with improving her image, Natasha told us that she has also seen a massive progress in her confidence levels. She told us “…I will say that since exercising regularly my confidence levels have increased massively. I feel a lot happier about the way I look.” 

Although Natasha isn’t where she wants to be yet, she is well on her way! I’m sure everyone will agree that this is a massive achievement! Keep it up and you’ll certainly be where you want to by your next holiday! 

Natasha is just one of Ali’s clients who have seen brilliant results and with that push in the right direction; you could have your own success story. If you are someone too who feels like you need a bit of extra motivation and knowledge to enhance your results, then why not give Ali a call or drop her a message? Below are ways you can get in touch:

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