Better, Windermere Outdoor Adventure Centre can now provide even more opportunities for local people to access water sport’s courses and training at Lake Windermere, thanks to a new facility that was erected this month and will open in time for Easter.

Located at the Millerground site, a new wooden cabin will be available in addition to the existing building and boathouse.  The project which was funded through a £10,000 Locally Important Projects grant from South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) will provide an additional teaching space and a meeting area for school and community groups.  It will also operate as a ‘pop-up’ café during the school holidays for visitors to the lakeside park.

The existing facilities are managed by GLL, the UK’s largest leisure social enterprise, under their ‘Better’ brand, on behalf of SLDC.  The cabin project forms one of several joint initiatives between the council and GLL so improve access to community sport and leisure in South Lakeland.

Derek Jones is the GLL South Lakeland Partnership Manager; he said “This has been a great project for GLL to be involved with and has seen staff giving up their own time to help with preparing the site, ready for the cabin’s arrival.  Having this additional space for training and the opportunity to offer a catering service to passing tourists, will encourage many more people to the centre and we should have a busy summer ahead of us!”

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