OVER 50?


"We're very adaptable," says Mike Edwards who runs the session, "if just four turn-up we have a net, if we get ten then we have a five-side game." Whatever the numbers the sessions are great exercise. "It gives your mind a real workout too," says Mike. "Every ball is an event. If you're batting you want at least three runs, one for steering the ball onto a wall, and two for completing a run. Though four or six, onto the back wall, is even better." Bowling a dot ball, one that isn't scored from, is a big win for the bowler.

The game is played with real bats, kindly supplied by the ECB, and semi-hard balls.
Since the game began back in November 2016 there has been a huge improvement in the players' fitness and skill levels."It's been so successful that some of us are even thinking of making a comeback in club or village cricket this summer," says Mike.

The sessions run from 2pm to 3.30pm on Thursdays at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre on Audlett Road. Admission £3.


michaeledwards299@hotmail.com for further details.