The Race For Life runs every year in support of Cancer Research UK, they run a series of fundraising events to help raise money to go towards beating cancer. The events take place across the whole of the UK and there are different variations for everyone to take part in such as; 5k and 10k routes as well as their Pretty Muddy obstacle events which adds a fun twist on to the routes.

Race for Life first started 25 years ago and was a womens only event, however for the first time this year Men are allowed to take part and help raise money and show their support. 

The first event which took place in Battersea in 1994 had 750 participants and raised £48,000, this then started to grow over the 25 years of the Race for Life taking place and it now has over 100 events every year all over the country and has different variations to allow everyone to take part. 

It has now in total raised over £500 million since the start of the first race and is becoming even more inclusive due to the addition of allowing men to take part. This has allowed for families to walk/jog/run it together and help beat cancer together.

The Rugby Race for Life took place at Draycote Water on Saturday 22nd June and had 2 routes the 5k and 10k. 

To help beat cancer a team from The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre went and completed the Race for Life 5k and 2 of our fabulous receptionists went and took part in the Race for Life at ................... .The team from The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre raised an amazing............ which will go to Cancer Research UK, we would like to thank everyone who donated and for everyone's support to help beat cancer together. 

Below is a breakdown of how the money can help to save lives:

Amount Raised What can be done:
£5 £5 kits out one of our ground-breaking research labs with essential chemicals - the bread and butter of day-to-day experiments, helping to beat cancer sooner.
£12 £12 buys a lab timer to keep our scientists on track as they go about their work, finding out what makes a cancer cell tick.
£20 £20 buys a new bulb for our microscopes, illuminating minute details of cancer cells.
£50 £50 buys special restriction enzymes that work like molecular scissors to cut up the long strands of DNA in our cells.
£100 £100 buys a Bunsen burner - a simple item that helps our scientists ignite our ground-breaking research on a daily basis.
£200 £200 helps fund a postdoc researcher - developing their skills in the lab under the supervision of expert scientists.
£400 £400 is the cost of running Cancer Chat for one day, helping thousands of people through very difficult times.
£1000 £1,000 helps fund Dr Gerhardt Attard and his team as they research how prostate cancer develops resistant to treatments for one day.

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Again we would like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to raising even more to help with the fight against cancer.