On the 9th January 2017, our staff member Russel Skitt decided enough was enough and made the commitment to enter a transformation competition. Over the christmas period Russ had felt that he had put on more weight than he had wanted, and found himself on a slippery slope. Russ had seen his food habits turning to the less healthy kind, and felt that this kind of competition might be the push he needed to get himself going again. He was right! Just 8 weeks later, and Russ had dropped a huge 24.5lbs. During this transition Russ was setting new personal bests in his training, and regularly recorded his training and his daily activities by vlogging, which allowed others to stay updated and inspired by his progress.

As one of the instructors of classes in our gym, this helped Russ with his transformation. Russ taught Group cycle, allowing him to burn calories and strengthen his leg muscles; functional classes, enabling him to work on his core muscles, and bodybalance, which helped relax and strech out the tired muscles to aid recovery. Doing this in the class environment meant that Russ was able to have fun whilst achieving his goals - perfect!

Russ felt happier, healthier and more confident following his transformation, and soon found eating the healthier options an easy part of the routine. Once the initial first few weeks were over, his body had adjusted to the change and cravings were minimal. Likewise, the increase in exercise was adapted to after a few weeks, and this then became much easier.

The truth is, Russ was just one of many people who decided to make a change, and acted upon it. After completing this transformation Russ stated that anyone can make this kind of change if they act upon it, by just making small changes to your lifestyle, you can see big changes both physically and mentally.

If you're inspired by this story and wanting to make a positive lifestyle change then we at Better Gym Cannock will be able to support you in your journey. Whether its weight loss, muscle building, or improving general fitness, we have a wide range of equipment and classes to assist you. If you would like to have a chat with us and tour of the gym first then please dont hesitate to give us a call on 01543 728464 and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.