We have started our Tennis assemblies roadshow! We will be visiting the local primary schools for the next 2 weeks showing off all that Tennis has to offer and also letting everyone know (if they don't already know), that there is a top quality indoor tennis facility right on their door step... well close enough anyway.

This is all leading up to our 2 free tennis open days, being held on Saturday 18/02/2017 (1-3pm) and Tuesday 21/02/2017 (10am - 12pm).

Children will be treated to a range of activities delivered by top tennis coaches from the centre. By the end of the 2 hour session, the children will be serving like Andy Murray, rallying like Serena Williams, volleying like Roger Federer and competing like Rafael Nadal! For children aged 5 and under there will be a special tots tennis section to improve throwing, catching and running skills.

So please spread the word and help support this fantastic initiative.

To find out more about the vast range of brilliant tennis coaching programmes Telford Indoor Tennis Centre has to offer and more information on our upcoming free open days, please call 01952 382835.

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