Our Hot Yoga & Pilates classes are designed for people of all abilities and each course offers you a combination of benefits like improved flexibility, balance, core strength and muscular and postural strength.


Apart from this, each 60 minute hot class will help you to:
• Burn up-to 475 calories, aiding weight loss
• Give you a detox and immunity boost by sweating toxins of out the body
• Improve your skin, release sweat and act as a natural antibiotic
• Aid healing and alleviate aches and pains
• Help relieve stress, aiding better sleep

Classes for Hot Pilates run on:      

  • Fridays, 12.30 - 13.30 with Renata
  • Sundays, 6pm – 7pm with Renata

Classes for Hot Yoga run on:

  • Tuesdays, 8pm – 9pm with Gil

Costs for individual classes are £12 for non-members, £10 for members & £8 for concessionary members.
All classes run at Better, Greenwich Centre, 12 Lambarde Square, Greenwich SE10 9HB.

So make sure that you book today for one or both these courses and come away with a revitalized body and mind.