Sue Gunstone, along with many others in GLL, undertook GLL's CPR training course. Understanding the importance of CPR training, Sue went on to formally train others within Vivary Golf Club.

A couple of weeks after Sue delivered this training to Vivary Golf Club Members they attended an away match at Farrington Park. Ken Hutton a member of Farrington Park unfortunately had a heart attack while out on the course.

A few of our members who had just received the CPR training, rushed to help Ken and started performing CPR on Ken. Thankfully due to the quick thinking of our members they saved Kens life!

A massive well done to our members, John Blissitt, Nigel Peatfield and Pete Cridge who thought fast and performed the CPR.

Ken Hutton recently visited us at Vivary Golf Club along with some of his fellow team members to thank John, Nigel and Pete for their efforts to save his life in the way of a presentation. He also thanked Sue for delivering the CPR training because without Sue's training it could have been a very different situation.

We hope that Sue's training will continue to save lives in the future!