At Pancras Square Leisure, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we offer you, and your feedback is vital to this. Based on your recent feedback, we are implementing the following changes:

  1. Two extra benches, and an additional set of plates, will arrive in November.
  2. Additional tricep pulldown ropes are due at the end of October.
  3. We have new 10kg, 20kg and 30kg dumbbells. Plus 4kgs due to arrive shortly.
  4. Re-designed consultation area giving a more comfortable environment for members.
  5. All identified issues have been resolved and all are working. Management are checking equipment daily and liaising with supplier to ensure rapid repairs.
  6. All equipment now has a fully functioning internet connection, except for two treadmills which will shortly be resolved.
  7. Resistance bands have been ordered and will arrive soon.

We always appreciated your feedback and are always looking to make Pancras Square Leisure even better. To provide some feedback, you can speak to a member of the team or by emailing us here