Hole 1

A difficult start as the tee shot is key. Aim down the left side of the fairway as the ground slopes to the right towards two fairway bunkers. If you hit the right shot, a mid to low iron approach will be your reward.

Hole 2

Aim your tee shot at the target board on the tall pine tree but beware two bunkers that will collect any shots that drift to the left. Pitch in to a partially hidden green.

Hole 3

Dogleg to the right. Two good, straight shots will give you a great chance to get on to the green in two with a putt for eagle. The green does have protection with 3 bunkers so laying up may be the way to play this hole if you don't fancy the sand.

Hole 4

Play over a small pond at the end of the tee box to a green protected by 3 bunkers. Often played into the wind, this hole is longer than it looks.

Hole 5

Avoid the pine tree in the centre of the fairway with your drive. This will leave two shots to a green in a slight hollow and protected by two bunkers. Reachable in two for the big hitters, especially in the summer!

Hole 6

A tee shot to the right side of the fairway is required to create a better angle into a partially hidden green. However bunkers will catch any drive that strays from the fairway, and make the approach that much harder.

Hole 7

Out of Bounds awaits drives that head right and bunkers catch drives to the left on this relatively short par 4. Your ability to read the line of a putt will be tested as it's one of the most undulating greens on the course.

Hole 8

Tee shots funnel down into the centre of the fairway for a short second into a receptive green. There is a ditch to catch players that try to drive the green but this hole should provide a real opportunity for a birdie.

Hole 9

Although the shortest hole on the course, the tee shot requires accuracy through trees and the elevation will leave many players short of the green which slopes from left to right. Many three putts have been had on this green!

Hole 10

Like the front 9, a difficult hole to start with on the back 9. Two long straight shots are required to give you a chance of making the green in regulation. Due to the length, lots of players treat this hole like a Par 5 and from the Red tees, it is.

Hole 11

Bunkers surround this green at the front and sides so take an extra club as it often plays longer than it looks. The green slopes from back to front to continue the test on this par 3

Hole 12

Tricky tee shot as the fairway slopes right towards out of bounds but if you find the left side of the fairway you'll have an approach over some trees to reach the green. Make par on this hole and you should be a happy golfer!

Hole 13

The shortest Par 4 on the course but not the easiest as it's uphill until you reach the end of the fairway. Aim your tee shot to the left to avoid the big hollow under the oak tree.

Hole 14

Back down the hill you go on this Par 3 but anything over hit will leave either a tricky shot back up to the green or be out of bounds.

Hole 15

The fairway slopes severly from left to right and three pot bunkers await any stray shots. Aim your tee shot left and you should have an easier second into the green.

Hole 16

A long gradual uphill climb awaits as you turn the corner of this dogleg Par 5. The slope of the valley again forces players to hit to the left hand side of the fairway on the approach. A big two tiered green can put you in three putt territory.

Hole 17

A blind tee shot aimed just to the right of the pine trees will leave a downhill second to a green guarded by a huge bunker to the front right. Out of bounds to the right for the entire hole.

Hole 18

Out of bounds on the right again here. A straight tee shot but with distance control required as you may run out of fairway and down into the trees. Get the tee shot right and you may be able to attack the green for a final birdie as the hole plays slighty downhill. Beware the Captain's Bunker on the left hand side!