Ace the game this summer

With summer just around the corner, why not take to the court and get involved in the beautiful game of tennis. We spoke with our national head tennis coach, Nick Elliot, about the benefits and how to get yourself prepped to play tennis. 


What are the benefits of tennis?

There are a huge number of benefits when it comes to playing tennis. From fitness and general wellbeing due to being more active, meeting new friends, cognitive skills from the strategy and decision making involved and satisfaction to learning new and/or developing existing skills. Playing tennis offers you the opportunity to unleash your competitiveness and learn a game for life; we see players from 2 to 92 (literally!!..) and the game has been linked to living longer. What's not to love?!

What do you need to start playing tennis?

All you need is some comfortable sports clothing (we do not follow all-whites rules at our venues). You'll be able to borrow rackets and balls at most of our venues. Perfect if you are trying for the first time. Rackets and balls can be relatively inexpensive if you get hooked. In fact, playing tennis is very accessible (can be as little as a pound or two each to book a court...). Check out drop-in sessions at your local venue or speak to the Tennis Manager and you'll discover lots of ways to start


Do you have any tips/advice to someone just starting out?

Just do it...You'll love it. Maybe start with a mate so you share the experience with someone you know already, although this is definitely not a pre-requisite and everyone involved is so friendly.

How active do you need to be to start playing?

As active as you are right now. Tennis is very adaptable and can be played by a huge range of abilities. You only need to walk behind our courts to see all the different levels and ages. One thing is consistent though and that's how much people are enjoying themselves...

Do have any general tennis tips/advice (and do you need to be coordinated)?

Yes, play more and it's worth getting some help from one of our excellent coaches. Again, you're as coordinated as you are naturally, just get going and whatever level you start at will soon develop. Tennis is a great game for developing coordination, especially in children whether they become really serious about the game or use tennis as one of several weekly activities. The only way is up.

How can I get involved?

Search for your local Better tennis venue and take it from there...

What age can you start?

Children can start playing tennis at a very young age. We see toddlers from around two and a half years old attending our Toddler Tennis sessions. 

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