The Preston Sports Forum is a development group made up of representatives from local sport clubs, and run by a committee. The forum aims to provide a voice for sport and physical activity for people within Preston. It exists to ensure that all people in Preston can access the sport and physical activity of their choice, at an appropriate level.

The aim of the forum

To be a true representative voice for the voluntary sport sector within the city of Preston and to create a "Premier League" network of sport; clubs, groups, organisations and forums and through this develop effective two way communication.

The objectives of the forum

  • To Increase membership to sports clubs / groups
  • To Increase the number of coaches, officials, volunteers in sport
  • To provide coach education opportunities
  • To provide club development opportunities (Clubmark and funding)
  • To promote effective links between schools and clubs
  • To promote effective links between HE/FE networks and clubs/ groups to deployment of student volunteers and work placements
  • To operate a small grants scheme for clubs/groups and talented individuals
  • To support the annual Preston Sports Awards
  • To develop and support sport specific Forum and development groupsThere are many benefits in becoming a member of the forum such as:

The benefits of becoming a member of the forum

  • Gives you and your club a voice 
  • Access grants for your club, athletes and coaches (subject to conditions) 
  • Receive regular emails with up-to-date information about club development, funding opportunities and events  
  • Meet members of other sports clubs and organisations and share good practice. 
  • Provide club development opportunities 
  • Support with ClubMark, Club Improvement tools, Workshops, Seminars and Mentoring through Sport England's Club Matters resource. 

Membership to the Preston Sports Forum

Membership to The Preston Sports Forum is free and all you need to do is complete the Preston Sports Forum membership form and return it to:

George Kneen Cookson

West View Leisure Centre
Black Bull Lane

Your membership application will be reviewed by the Preston Sports Forum sub committee, who subsequently makes a decision on membership approval.  Acceptance of an application for membership and its classification shall be at the sole discretion of the committee.