Woolwich Adventure Play Centre

Adventure playgrounds are unique and special play spaces, with many fantastic benefits to children and young people. They can be the first place where many children learn to climb, jump, swing and hang helping them to build strength, coordination and balance.

Woolwich Adventure has a great collection of rope swings, walk ways, zip wires, climbing wall and much more. Children have fun, while challenging themselves in a safe but testing environment.

For rainy days there is an indoor play area where children can participate in arts & crafts, pool, table tennis and board games or if children have homework there is a quiet space with computers

Skilled playground staff are always on hand to ensure the safety of the children at the centre.

The centre is free ensuring that children can visit as often as they want. 


Open Access

Open Access

The purpose of the provision is to provide staffed play opportunities for children in the absence of their parents. Children are not restricted in their movements, other than where related to safety matters and are not prevented from coming and going as and when they wish.

Children have the freedom of choice as to what range of play activity they wish to undertake and with whom they play.

Children are required to complete a registration form with emergency contact information.

If you would like to fill out a form in advance please contact us at woolwichadventureplay@GLL.ORG and we can email one to you.

PC Access

At Woolwich Adventure Play Centre we are pleased to have a number of PCs available for children to access for homework and games.