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Covid-19: Latest information & service updates
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Update on our services

Update 31st May 2020

Leisure centres - reopening plans

  • Reopening plans for our leisure centres will focus on ensuring we have safe, hygienic facilities that make the most of our unique indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring we can give you plenty of space to use for your chosen exercise.

  • We are hopeful that some of our centres will be open from early July, but as you will appreciate the final timetable will be driven by the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and the government. We are also working with all other leisure centre and gym providers to develop safe, but customer friendly, systems of operation.

  • We have already reopened some of our outdoor tennis courts and golf courses with further plans to restart open water swimming in London during June – please check your local Better web pages for more details.

Allocated sessions

  • We need to restrict customer flow in each activity area to ensure social distancing and to ensure that you can have an allocated session so all sessions (gym, fitness classes and swim) must be pre-booked and prepaid online or via the Better UK app before you set off for the centre.

  • The advance booking horizon is being reduced to 6 days for prepaid members and 5 days for non members.

  • You must bring relevant proof of your booking to gain entry - and you will need to turn up on time (but not early!).

  • Gym equipment will be spaced out and different areas of the centre may be used to give everybody more space (eg: a squash court could be used as a stretch zone).

  • Where outside facilities exist at your centre, some of our classes may be outside in the fresh air.

  • Pools will have fewer but ‘double’ lanes. Swimmers will need to be respectful of other users right to social distancing.

  • We need to ensure a fair allocation of time for each customer so all sessions will be limited to one hour. The one hour slot will include the allowance for safe arrival, movement through the centre, changing and leaving the premises.

  • You will not be allowed to move from one activity to another activity.

  • No changing rooms or showers will be available except for swimmers.

Cleanliness and hygiene

  • We will have an enhanced cleaning regime.

  • There will be cleaning equipment by each gym station and we ask you to use it before and after each exercise. This includes wiping down exercise mats. 

  • There will be hand gel readily available which you should use before you touch any equipment. 

  • All customers should bring a clean towel with them.

  • You must exercise social distancing at all times and respect other users.

Membership payments

  • We have automatically frozen all membership and lesson/course payments so you do not have to pay while the facility is closed.

  • Annual memberships will be extended by the number of months the membership has been frozen.

  • When your centre is due to open, we will give you 10 days notice and restart your payments, you will be then able to book your activity as soon the 6 day ‘booking window’ opens.

  • If you are not ready to restart your membership yet then there is no need to cancel we will be extending the option to continue to keep your membership frozen until you're ready to return.

  • We will keep members updated via email once reopening dates are confirmed. Stay updated here.

Previous service updates

Update 20th May 2020

Leisure centres and libraries

  • Following recent government guidance, our leisure centres and libraries remain closed. Whilst we are keen to re-open the facilities we operate at the earliest opportunity, our priority is to be a socially responsible business that puts the safety of our staff and customers first.

  • Membership payments for leisure centres, gyms and pools remain frozen while the facility is closed. View more information.

Outdoor recreation and activities

Update 20th March 2020

Temporary service closure

  • In line with Government instruction, we have closed all of our Better leisure centres, gyms, libraries, trampoline parks and spas across the UK until further notice.
  • The health and well-being of both our staff and valued customers is paramount. We have a social responsibility to everyone in the local community to take action to protect ourselves and others.
  • If you are a member of a Better leisure centre or gym, we would like to help you during this difficult time by automatically applying a payment freeze on all memberships. A payment freeze means that you retain your membership or lesson/course, but will not have to pay during the period that the leisure centre or gym is closed. That means, whether you have an annual, monthly, pre-paid or pay and play membership or lesson/course your Direct Debit payment will not be collected throughout this period.
  • We are working closely with local public health authorities and receiving all official updates from the Government. We will keep you up to date on what is happening going forward.

Latest guidance on using sport facilities

Booking an activity

Golf courses

Last updated 20th May 2020

  • The UK Government has announced that golf will be able to resume in England on Wednesday 13th May 2020.
  • A framework for golfers has been produced by England Golf to ensure a responsible and organised return to playing the game.

  • Please be aware that not all our golf courses may be open. Please check before booking.

Read the framework for playing golf

Tennis courts

Last updated 20th May 2020

  • In line with the Government guidance on public spaces and outdoor activity, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) have released guidelines for before, during and after playing tennis.

  • These guidelines currently apply to England only.

  • Better leisure centres and venues will need to make an assessment based on whether they can facilitate safe play in their facilities. Where they choose to remain closed please respect this decision.
  • Please be aware that not all our tennis courts may be open. Please check before booking.

Read tennis player guidelines

Information for leisure centre and gym members

We have frozen all membership payments

Last updated 20th March 2020

  • Leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools remain closed.
  • We have automatically frozen all membership and lesson/course payments so you do not have to pay while the facility is closed.
  • This applies to annual, monthly, pre-paid, lesson/course and pay and play memberships.
  • You will be notified in advance of you or your child's membership unfreezing and, if you're on a Direct Debit, when your payments will restart.
  • We will do everything we can to support our members.

Better at Home

  • Better at Home provides members with free access to over 600 online classes, plus workouts of the week, nutrition and wellness information, and exclusive member benefits.
  • Better at Home virtual fitness classes give members a reason to keep their bodies and minds healthy, even when they can’t get to the gym, pool or court.
  • The wide range of online exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities and can be accessed via the Better UK app.
Access Better at Home for free

Your membership matters

  • Community is as important as ever right now and as a charitable social enterprise, we rely on the amazing support of members.
  • Without our valued members we would not be able to operate, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.
  • New members who join on a monthly Direct Debit, will benefit from no membership payments until your chosen leisure centre or gym re-opens.
Rejoin or choose a membership

Information for library members

Libraries without walls

Our librarians are running an online programme of activities for children and adults – so follow your local library on social media for bed time stories, baby rhyme time and more:

Bringing the library to you

There are a wide range of online resources which cater for all age-groups and tastes. You can download great eBooks, eAudiobooks, eNewspapers and eMagazines and even eComics – all from your phone, tablet or desktop device. 

View online resources

How we are helping communities

More than ever, we are stronger together

Our facilities may not be open, but we are still here for you and our communities - whether that's by re-purposing our leisure centres for essential facilities, our incredible staff volunteering to support local initiatives, or donating personal protective equipment to the NHS and other much-needed public services.

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Frequently asked questions

Last updated 20th May 2020

Can't find what you're looking for? See the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

How will I find out when you are reopening?

The safety of our staff and our customers remains our first priority, so we are currently working with local authorities and national governing bodies to prepare our facilities for re-opening once government direction is announced. We will communicate with members via email and information will also be available on our website and our social media accounts.

Have outdoor tennis courts or golf courses reopened?

Please check your local leisure centre or facility webpage for updates on the opening of any outdoor activities and spaces.

What happens to my Direct Debit?

While the centre is closed we will be automatically putting your membership on freeze for the duration of the closure. We will not apply a charge to your account during this time. We will be back in contact with you once we have the centres reopened, before we restart your membership.

What happens to my annual membership?

While the centre is closed we will be automatically putting your membership / lesson and course on a freeze for the duration of the closure. Once we are reopen we will restart you membership / lesson and course and any time that we were closed will be added onto the end of your membership duration.

Will I get a refund for any closures?

We have automatically placed your membership / lesson / course on a freeze, so you will have no further payment taken. We will not be processing any refunds until we have a clearer understanding on the situation.

Why should I not cancel my membership / lesson and course?

While the centre is closed we will be automatically putting your membership / lesson and course on a freeze, this will mean you will not have any further payment taken until we reopen. In order for us to manage the high volume of traffic at this time we will not be cancelling any membership / lesson and courses, however we will be back in touch with you once we have more information about your centre reopening.

Need to contact us?

If you need to speak to a member of our customer experience team, please contact us via email.

Enquiry volumes are extremely high at the moment due to the unprecedented circumstances so please bear with us if it takes some time for us to respond to your query. Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times.


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