Get your skates on

Looking to improve your fitness, balance and strength? Or simply just want to have some fun and meet new people? Ice Skating could be the perfect activity for you.

No matter what your level, at Better, you'll find all the coaching you need to ensure you keep improving.

So what are you waiting for? Get your skates on and take the first step to becoming an ice superstar by booking a course today.


- Courses based on the nationally recognised NISA structure (National Ice Skating Association)

- Lessons taught by our highly qualified, professional ice coaches

- Levels range from 1-8

- Learn all the basic movements and skills; such as stopping, turning and spinning

- Lessons taught in groups of up to 16

- Welcome for all ages - from children as young as 3, up to adults of any age

What's after level 8?

We don't stop here! Advanced classes in dance, figure skating or progress into clubs will be available to you or your child. You can choose from a range of 30 minute lessons, available at convenient times during the week, and weekend.


When you book a Better lesson or course, you can track you or your child's progress using our online progress tracking tool; Home Portal. It's easy to set up and allows you to access information and updates on the go.

Features include:

- Record of achievement - clear and regular updates on progress, including achievements and areas for improvement

- Book and pay online - pre-plan and skip the queue, allowing you to go straight to your lesson. Dates, times and levels (subject to availability) all found online

- Amend payment options at any time




Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned pro, we’re here to help you get your skills to the next level. Our programme will see you develop through levels 1 to 8 as set and nationally recognised by the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) – with steps to advanced dance and free skating bronze, silver and gold available.

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Level 1

Sit down and stand up

March forwards across the Ice

Forward two foot glide and dip

Skate and dip (little man)

Turn around on the spot

Level 2

Backward marching across the ice

Forwards swizzles (lemons)

Forward two foot glide on a curve (left and right)

Two foot turn on the spot (forwards to backwards, backwards to forwards)

Snowplough or T- Stop

Level 3

Forward stroking (showing correct use of blade)

Moving two foot turn (forwards to backwards, backwards to forwards)

Backwards swizzles (lemons)

Backwards two foot glide

Forward one foot glide

Level 4

Forward outside edges on a circle (left and right)

Forward inside edges on a circle (left and right)

Basic forward slalom (basic outside/inside edges)

Backwards stroking

Forward continuous chasses around a circle (clockwise and anti-clockwise)

Level 5

Backward outside edges on a circle (left and right)

Backward inside edges on a circle (left and right)

Backward continuous chasses around a circle (clockwise and anti-clockwise)

Forward crossovers (clockwise and anti-clockwise)

Forward outside three turns (left and right) from a standstill

Level 6

Forward inside three turn (left and right) from standstill

Backwards outside edges step to forward outside edge on a circle

Backward crossovers (clockwise and anticlockwise)

Backward two foot slalom

Two foot spin (min 2 revs)

Level 7

Forward inside Mohawk (left and right)

Backward crossovers to landing position glide

Continuous forward outside edges along a straight line (as per NISA level 1 fieldmoves)

Continuous forward inside edges along a - straight line (as per NISA level 1 fieldmoves)

Basic forward cross rolls

Level 8

Continuous outside three turns around a circle (three in a row)

Continuous inside three turns around a circle (three in a row)

Step sequence: three turns, Mohawk, cross rolls, twizzles, toe steps etc.

Forward inside single twizzle (left and right) hockey skaters – forward drag (right and left)

One foot spin (min 2 revs) hockey skaters – two foot spin (min 4 revs)


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