Gym Workout

Our Fully equipped gym offers a wide range of equipment for everyone and their own exercise routine. Kitted with TechnoGym equipment our gym offers various Resistant, Cardiovascular and weight based machines to suite all of our users.

We offer two separate rooms within our gym separating the Free weights room from the Cardio, Resistant machines and Functional Area so you can choose your workout area.

Our Staff are always on hand to help out with any workouts, exercises or general enquiries to help you train to your maximum capabilities.

Fancy Mixing things up?

Doing the same workout day in day out can become tedious and is one of the main reasons gym users become sedentary. Within our facility we can offer you a RE-focus session with our instructors. A Re-focus session will give you the opportunity to gain a new workout routine tailored to your body and your lifestyle, our qualified instructors will spend a full session working through a new programme to ensure you are working to your full potential. You will then be given this programme to work through and release your body potential. Ask one of our staff for more information on a Re-focus session.