Date posted 15 Mar 2018

At the beginning of February this year we were lucky enough to introduce our 3rd Wattbike into our BETTER gym suit. Due to their popularity and positive feedback from our users, we could not resist but to add another to the family!

For anyone who may not be familiar with a Wattbike; they are designed to enhance the performance of any individual, beginner or athlete through indoor cycling. Their technology replicates the sensation of riding on the road and they are engineered to give you the most accurate data out there. So if your are a cyclist or want to improve your fitness these bikes are you for!

Try the Wattbike Hub App via your phone or tablet to get the most out of your Wattbike experince. The app provides a range of different workouts that will cater for everyone's needs and goals.

For more information or if you would like to book a Wattbike induction please call 01900 823596