Date posted 22 Jan 2018

STEPS: Mondays 17:05 - 17:55 with Jayne

Step it up and get in great shape. A motivational class using a platform and fast music for a high intensity workout. It’s so much fun; you’ll forget you’re working out!

Better for: Cardio fitness and conditioning of the whole body.

Approx. 650 calories per hour


GROUP CYCLE: Wednesdays 19:00 - 19:45 with Paul.

Pedal your way to fitness. Work at your own pace as you cycle along with the group in one of our themed classes to uplifting music, or focus on achieving your goals in one of our discipline based classes.

Better for: Lower body strength and conditioning.

Approx. 560 calories per hour.


TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING: Thursdays 18:00-18:45 with Charlotte

Once you start, you won’t ever want to stop. These intense, exciting classes combine cardio and conditioning for a full on, high-energy workout.

Better for: Strength and conditioning.

Approx. 420 calories per hour.


Extreme Interval Fitness: Fridays 17:45-18:45 with Danielle.

Combining a high-intensity workout with muscle conditioning that stimulates a higher caloric burn. Every exercise is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep.

Better for: A full body workout

Approx. 570 calories per hour.