Local lady Megan Lishman has received national recognition for her outstanding work in cardiac rehabilitation and health at this year’s British Heart Foundation Alliance Awards, held on 6th June.  The awards are spilt into different categories and celebrate the contributions of people from across the country that have shown excellence and innovation in cardiovascular care.

Megan attended the British Cardiovascular Society Annual Conference Awards Dinner along with the other nominees and on the night a panel of expert judges awarded her overall winner of the National BHF Champion' Award.

Megan is employed by GLL, the UK’s largest leisure social enterprise at Better, Workington Leisure Centre.  In her role as Health and Fitness Lead she promotes links between the NHS and the leisure centre, overseeing cardiac rehabilitation and the GP referral scheme, which she introduced to the centre in 2013.

Her outreach work includes interacting with patients, local hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, physio and occupational therapists and other health professionals to help explain the whole process from a heart event to what happens at the leisure centre during their rehabilitation sessions.  Megan was also commended for successfully completing her phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation instructor course, in which she scored 96%.

Aside from her professional and academic achievements, Megan’s nomination came about following a real life event at the leisure centre and her quick response to manage the situation towards a positive outcome.  When a gym member suffered from a stroke whilst at the centre, Megan proceeded to carry out medical treatment until the ambulance crew could take over.  Thanks to Megan’s care the customer received treatment in the vital early stages of her stroke and this customer went on to nominate Megan for her award.

On receiving the award, Megan said “I feel honoured to have been shortlisted and extremely proud to have won this award. I feel very passionate about heart health and thrive on helping those who have suffered any form of heart event or additional disorders or ailment’s due to the event through our GP referral scheme and Cardiac rehabilitation schemes”.