Having discussed phobia's on air whilst presenting the Mid-Morning Show on BBC Wiltshire, Ali Vowles admitted to her own fear of water and decided it was time to face it.

She had a bad experience jumping in the deep end of a pool as a child, and despite an attempt to learn as an adult, she couldn't swim. Ali went to the swimming pool at Bath Sports and Leisure Centre having enlisted the help of Wiltshire Paralympian Stephanie Millward MBE.

After a nervous start, Ali became gradually more confident in the water after a series of practices including floating and sculling. She then moved on to some frontcrawl exercises to help her improve her breathing, something Ali initially found tricky. After several attempts and with Steph's encouragement, Ali went from strength to strength and soon plucked up the courage to visit the deep end.

Determined not to be beaten, Ali finished the session by pushing off in the deep end and swimming well over half way of the pool in one go. Ali plans on having more lessons with Steph to improve further.

Ali has proved it's never too late to learn how to swim, and we offer a range of adult swimming lessons in Bath and North East Somerset.

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