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Moving forward from last year the time has once again come for Belvoir's very own Fitness Instructor Josh to represent Team Ireland at the World Roller Games in Barcelona. Following last year's success at the WS World Championships in Italy, the men in green will be aiming to further improve their world ranking from 20th (secured with a win against Mexico last year) into the top 15.

When asking Josh what the goal for this tournament is, he states; "the main aim this year is to improve our world ranking into the top 15, with us gaining more sponsors and another year of experience and practice behind us it is something we believe we will achieve this tournament."

To help his team prepare Josh has been busy working hard in the gym and training as well as securing local government funding and was recently awarded a place on the GLL Sports Foundation, the foundation supports athletes to develop their potential and achieve sporting succes. 

Once again we wish Josh and team Ireland the very best of luck in Spain and we can't wait to hear how they get on.