Welcome to “Falls friendly fat fighters”

The team at Falls have taken the initiative as a collective group to complete a 6 month weight loss challenge, as we are ambassadors of health, fitness and leisure within our centre we thought what better way for the public to get engaged than by seeing our staff get on the health and fitness trail.

The concept came about when on a whattsapp group one of our staff Kathy Holden came across a picture of Ciaran roughly 6 years ago and shared it. Upon seeing this picture Ciaran “BIG DADDY” Boyd decided that for the good of his health and with his many health complaints (a lot which are affected by weight) that he would start a journey to shed the pounds.

Whilst having a general discussion with staff going round the building many of the staff in all designations from domestic, General Manager, leisure centre supervisor, CSA all for their own individual reason were thinking the same and asked could they join Ciaran. The team decided to keep an open log and bring in scales so that everyone was weighed every fortnight on the same set of scales to get the best outcome. There are no strict diet or exercise regimes, no having to go off alcohol the power lies with the individual to shed the pounds how they see fit and the motivation and fortnightly updates will no doubt have a big say on the staying power.


The staff wanted to develop this initiative further and have agreed to donate £1 at every weigh in with the accumulated money to be donated to a charity at the end of the 6 months, which is a great gesture and a WIN – WIN all round.


So far we have 13 members of staff signed up and our first weigh in is 18th February our last weigh in will be 18th of July, and you just never know maybe a prize for all of the participants at the end.