Date posted 14 Sep 2023

At Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre we are so excited to be delivering Tom Daley Diving Academy lessons. These are the perfect introduction to learnign to dive, whether you are aiming to be the next Tom Daley or give a new sport a go. 

These lessons are suitble for 7-16 year olds, as long as they are confident in deep water.  The course teaches them the fundamentals of diving starting at poolside to build on their skills and techniques before working up to the higher boards. No experience is required to join the lessons and you can join anytime.


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Diving is a great sport, provding enjoyment while offering many physical and mental beneifts to our health, such as; improving strength and flexibility, helps build concentration and ability to focus, through learning new moves. Diving while being an individual sport is very social through training in groups and supporting each other to try new dives from new heights, we aim to build confidence alongside our skills.