Tony has dedicated his career to Whiterock Leisure Centre. Over the past 10 years he has become an integral part of the team volunteering at the centre two days per week.

Tony is passionate about promoting Whiterock and Better. He leads on outreach events taking every opportunity to actively encourage people living in our communities to become active. He is extremely kind and understanding and regularly puts himself forward to help with fundraising for different charities and community events.

Tony is also a member of the Orchardville Society and has been described as “part of the furniture” by many of his colleagues; he has been part of the team for almost 15 years. Tony recently said that this, along with his role at Whiterock Leisure Centre, has ‘changed his life’.

 Tony, not only picked up Volunteer of the Year at the SENI awards on Friday evening, but stole the show receiving a standing ovation from all 470 attendees at the ceremony. He is an integral part of the team at Whiterock and is a true embassador for Social Enterprise and GLL.

Tony was back at work today to show of his award which now has pride of place on the trophy shelf at reception in the centre.