Ladies Only Gym

Ladies, we have a section just for you!

Somewhere you can train using cardio, resistance, cable and free weights in a completely relaxed area. The ladies only gym also offers every member a free 30 minute induction with a female instructor who will help to get you in the shape of your life.





To vary your workout why not try a group fitness class? We offer a range of classes for beginners to advanced level in a fun and sociable environment.

Choose from a wide range of fitness classes chosen to help you get the most out of your work out.


Health Suite

Relax and de-stress in our newly refurbished Sauna and Steam room. Both have  therapeutic benefits. Above all, they both reduce muscle tension, promoting relaxation and general well-being. The heat helps improve circulation and, of course, promotes sweating, which opens up the pores and cleanses the skin.

Prayer Room

We've recently added a Prayer Room here at Better Gym Bradford.

Resistance Zone

Our wide range of resistance equipment for all major muscle groups will help you sculpt, tone and build muscle. The equipment is very easy to use and all provide diagrams to help you set up the machines and use safely.

Functional Zone

Our functional zone is kitted out with the latest equipment to ensure you can maximise your flexibility, balance and core stability.

Cardio Zone

Our huge selection of treadmills, bikes, stairmasters, air bikes, rowing machines, ski erg’s and cross trainers will definitely get your heart racing, burn calories and help increase your fitness.

Free Weights

We have the latest technogym urethane dumbbells up to 50kg. We also have plenty of benches, olympic bars and plates. We have also newly added deadlift platforms and squat racks to provide you with all you need to build muscle mass, gain strength and get leaner.