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Date posted 15 Sep 2022

No plans, no problem!

School’s half term holidays can be challenging, that’s why here at Better we have decided to help you out! With many activities available across Cambridge your child will not only be able to have a great time with friends or family, but also practice or learn new skills. From swimming, junior gym to badminton and ice skating, our facilities have loads to offer to make this school break hassle free!

Read more about activities available each Half Term:

  1. Swim for All – Our fun sessions include floats and toys in the pool, enjoyed by kids of all ages – and mum and dad too! Add swimming to your list of holiday activities in the confidence that whatever the weather, you’ll get to make some great holiday memories together. Available at: Parkside Pools & Gym and Abbey Leisure Complex.

  2. Aqua Splash - For those who are looking for something exciting and challenging, we offer Aqua Splash sessions. Aqua Splash is a huge inflatable obstacle course on the water. Challenge yourself and have a splashtastic time racing against family and friends. Available at: Parkside Pools & Gym

  3. Flumes – If there is anything better than splashing around in the pool, it has to be the flumes! Water slides provide loads of fun and can take the pool experience to a completely different level. This fantastic popular amusement activity will make your heart pump and provide entertainment for everyone. Available at: Parkside Pools & Gym and Abbey Leisure Complex.

  4. Swimming crash courses – Why not keep the kids active this holiday while learning a new life skill with our Swim School Holiday Courses. Suitable for all levels, your child will build their confidence in the water and have fun at a swimming pool near you. Lessons run daily from Monday to Friday. Available at: Parkside Pools & Gym and Abbey Leisure Complex.

  5. Junior Gym – Junior gym is a dedicated session where teens and older children aged between 11-17 can access the gym and get active. All sessions have a member of staff present, so if you are unfamiliar with any equipment, you can always ask them for safety advice. Adult and Junior gym sessions offer the option for adult members to bring one child aged 9-15 along to the gym to workout with them for free. Available at: Parkside Pools & Gym and Abbey Leisure Complex.

  6. Badminton – Team sports are a great option to keep those activity levels druring the school break and socialise with family and friends. Courts will be available to book at Cherry Hinton Village Centre.

  7. Ice skating – Definitely the coolest way to spend the school holidays! Whether you are looking for fun ways to enjoy some quality family time, or desperate to show off your triple jump with inverted twist to friends, our ice rink is the perfect place for you! Available at: Cambridge Ice Arena

Timetables and activity bookings available here:

Parkside Pools And Gym Abbey Leisure Complex Cambridge Ice Arena Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre

To book swimming crash courses go to:


Keep checking facility timetables - more sessions coming soon!