In August the centre will run several try-out Inclusive sessions for everyone to join in, in partnership with Power2Inspire. With the aim to get disabled and non-disabled people physically active together, we have the next sessions scheduled:

Better2gether, adapted gym sessions for all - Tuesday 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th August; 3-4pm

Competition is an important part of sport, but it can create unnecessary barriers between people with differing abilities. At our Better2gether sessions we are trialling a new form of competition, one where each person is benchmarked against themselves in a range of activities and then scored in teams on how well they perform against those benchmarks. We hope that this will mean that everyone – regardless of disability, age or fitness – can have fun competing together on a level playing field.

Circuits in the Dark - Thursday 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th August; 3-4pm

Sometimes barriers to exercise are less obvious to see, but just as real. How can you do star jumps if you struggle to stand unassisted? How do you manage to squat if you are restricted to a wheelchair. By basing our exercises on and around a chair these difficulties dissolve away. Whether you have very restricted mobility and need to stay seated, can stand while holding on to the chair for support, or can stand and move quite freely, with chair-based circuits there’s no reason we can’t all exercise together. These sessions will be held in limited light to assist the body-conscious. 

Yoga in the Dark - Sunday 9th, 16th, 23rdAugust 3-4 pm

Yoga can provide an excellent way of keeping fit, improving core strength and flexibility and increasing confidence, but for people feeling self-conscious or body-conscious it can feel intimidating and exclusive. Yoga in the Dark overcomes these barriers by allowing people to concentrate on their own workout without feeling on display.

All sessions cost £2.20 each and will be followed by a social drink in the café.

Everyone is welcome to come to this innovative new way of being physically active together, and we are especially hoping to welcome those with disabilities and older people, along with their friends, families and carers.

To join in the gym sessions, an induction is needed. Call the centre today to book your FREE induction on 01223 446100.