Date posted 16 Sep 2019

Maindy Centre and Llanishen Leisure Centre have now introduced a managed car parking service which commenced on Monday 16th September. It will  allow free parking for members but discourage non users from taking up valuable car parking spaces.

The system works with a camera at the front entrance to the centres car park which will pick up registration numbers. Members are required to enter their registration number on each visit into an ipad at reception.

Members will receive 3 hours free parking on each visit.

Non users of the centres will have an option of paying for their stay through pay and display machines in the car parks.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long as a member and user of the centre do I have to park my car?

You have upto 3 hours free parking.


Will the parking system operate all day?

Yes the parking system and charges will operate 24 hours a day.


I am a member so how do I register my car?

Within the centre there will be registration iPads for you to enter your car registration number into. Please make sure you follow the instructions on the Ipad.


How many minutes have I got from entering the car park to registering my car into the ipads.

You will have 10 minutes to register. The iPads will be open 6.30am weekdays and 7.30am weekends and up to 30 minutes before we close.


Do I need to do this every time I visit the centre?



Will I be charged a fine if I don’t enter my registration number into the iPads?

Yes, parking charge notices of £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days, will be issued.


I use the centre in the morning before work and then use the centre after work, can I still get 3 hours parking each time?

Yes there will a 55 minute window before you can re-use the car park for a further 3 hours.


Can I park for longer than 3 hours and pay?



Will the pay and display machines be cashless?

Yes they will accept card only or you can pay by an app. The pay and display machines will be located around the car park.


I attend a block booking and or my child has membership at the centre every week, do I still receive the 3 hours free parking?

Yes if you or your child are using the centres services / facilities you have 3 hours free parking.

This will be monitored for fair use.

For more information on these changes please contact reception or email or