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On November 27th we saw the year end to the Mini Athletics sessions. The session was piloted back in April and was a huge success so we were able to continue throughout the year. A big thanks to Adam for coordinating the sessions every week and building a fantastic rapport with the Mini's helping them to develop new skills and create a fun atmosphere. They were able to learn all essential Athletic disciplines to hopefully carry forward and lead towards joining one of the local Athletics clubs. These sessions are an ideal platform for new begginers to the sports and the variety on offer means opportunity and enjoyment for all. Every Mini Athlete has a personal best recorded to improve upon in 2020. Thanks to all the parents for coming throughout the winter to cheer on and support their little ones and hopefully we will see the next April. Keep an eye on all the Community Development Team activities on https://www.facebook.com/CumbriaCDT

Here at the Sheepmount we are open to cater for athletes of all ages. The Mini's is a great stepping stone but dont worry if you have you feel too old as we can assist with guidance to one of our local athletics clubs. If you are keen to take up one of the many sports on offer. Come and visit us at Reception and we can help you get started.