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You’ll know if a child has ever been caught short or unwell in the swimming pool it can be embarrassing for them and their parents- as well as inconvenient for other users if the pool has to close.

We’re asking our customers for their support and sharing our top tips on how to prepare for a swim when bringing young children into the pool: 

  • - Avoid feeding children immediately beforehand. A small snack roughly 1 hour before swimming is best
  • - We encourage all customers to use the pre-showers available before entering the pool
  • - Use the toilet facilities before you/your child swim(s) and remember to wash your hands thoroughly after each toilet visit
  • - Please refrain from swimming if you or your child are suffering from a cold or flu, or if you or your child has experienced diarrhoea within last 48 hours
  • - Ensure younger children wear tight fitting waterproof baby trunks whilst swimming or waterproof swimming nappies (which are available at reception) rather than ordinary nappies

Thank you for helping us to keep the pool water clean and safe.