Date posted 19 May 2022

St Helens Street Wildflower Area.

At the bottom of the car park hill there is a wild flower project going on. Cockermouth and Civic District Trust along with Cockermouth Loving Earth Group are preparing the Wildflower Triangle. This is a long term project that will take a few years to develop. In line with the existing flowers already in the grass such as Yarrow and Ox Eye Daisies the aim is to encourage new growth and be supplemented with new plug plants and sowing seeds to make a fantastic wildflower area. It has been agreed that the mowing of the grass will not take place in the spring and summer months to encourage the growth and habitat to establish. We at Cockermouth Leisure Centre are proud to provide the space for this to happen so close to the centre.

Wildflowers and wildflower rich habitats help to support the insects and all kinds of other wildlife to thrive in areas that may be mown or paved over, and help to give the insects and wildlife a safe place to live and breed. We need a wide range of wildflowers to provide pollinators such as bees and other insects with food sources to aid their survival. Many of the fruits, vegetables and nuts rely on insect pollination, so areas such as the Wildflower Triangle are important at playing a role in the survival and protection of these wildlife and insects. Whilst playing an important nutritional role, the wildflowers also look beautiful and provide a colourful highlight to the landscape. They provide us with a habitat that will buzz with life.

Cockermouth Leisure Centre along with Cockermouth Town council, Cockermouth and District Civic Trust and Cockermouth Loving Earth Group hope that you enjoy this area and help it to thrive. We kindly ask that where possible you could avoid walking on this area so it can establish itself.