What is Club Rainbow?

At Rainbow Leisure Centre we offer more than just sport activities.  We have a specially designed Club membership for over 55's, which includes all of your favourite activities plus a social element including trips, days out and friendly competitions.


Walking Netball will begin on Wednesday 14th March from 2-3pm in the Sports Hall. It's a great chance to brush up on old skills, or learn new ones! Sessions are included in CLUB membership or pay as you go option drop in price of £2.75. 

Rainbow Moves is a new dance class for people aged 55+, dust off your dancing shoes and joing our new classes combining classc and current styles of dance. Get ready to engage both your body and mind into physcial activity that will improve your fitness, mood and well being.

Classes begin on Thursday 7th September and run every Thursday thereafter from 10.30am -11.30am.

Book at reception today or contact 01372 727 277.

Walking Football

We offer Walking Football sessions on Friday mornings, 9:30am-11:30am. Our Walking Football sessions are aimed at people aged over 55. Our target is to keep people involved with Football, even if they are not not able to play the traditional game.

Our Club Rainbow Lead

Alison is your Club Rainbow Lead and her role is to develop and manage the programme for existing and new Club members.  She’s on hand if you have any questions or concerns.  We also have a specific Club area in the gym where you’ll find cardio machines, low-resistance air pressure equipment and stretching/functional are, as well as chairs and sofas where you can relax after your activities and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee with other members.  There is also a notice board where you will find information specific to Club members, including class information, group outings and events.


In addition to our standard classes, we also have the following exclusive classes available for our Club Rainbow members: 

Day Time Activity Location
 Monday  09.30-10.15 Water Workout Main Pool
  10.00-10.30 Strength & Conditioning 55+ Gym
  10.30-11.30 Pilates 55+ Studio 2
   12.30-1.30 Dance Aerobics 55+ Studio 2
   13.00-15.00 Club Rainbow Badminton Sports Hall
   13.30-15.30 Club Rainbow Table Tennis Studio 2
 Tuesday 9.30-10.30 Tai Chi Studio 1
   10.00-12.00 Club Rainbow Short Mat Bowls/Short Tennis Sports Hall
  11.00-11.30 Strength & Conditioning 55+ Gym
   11.45-12.30 Water Workout 55+ Main Pool
   12.30-13.30 Pilates 55+ Studio 1
 Wednesday 09.15-10.15 Ballet Fit Studio 1
  10.30-12.00 Yoga Studio 1
  11.00-12.00 Dance Aerobics 55+ Studio 2
   12.00-13.00 Dance Tap 55+ Studio 1
   12.00-14.00 Club Rainbow Badminton Sports Hall
   13.00-15.00 Club Rainbow Table Tennis Studio 2
 Thursday  10.00-10.30 Strength & Conditioning 55+ Gym
  10.30-11.30 Rainbow Moves- 55+ Dance Class* Studio 1
Friday 09.30-10.15 Water Workout Main Pool
   10.30-11.15 Total Body Conditioning 55+ Studio 2
   09.30-11.30 Walking Football 55+ Sports Hall
  11.30-13.30 Club Rainbow Short Mat Bowls/Short Tennis Sports Hall
  12.40-3.00pm Table Tennis Studio 2

*Starts 7th September

For more information about any of our Club Rainbow classes or activities, please feel free to speak to reception or contact Alison: alison.mcdowall@gll.org

Club Lead

Alison McDowall Rainbow Club Lead