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Help the NHS to improve by giving your views.

The NHS is currently looking at how planned orthopaedic surgery is organised in north London.  Anyone involved in regular sport and exercise could be affected by changes, if they need this kind of care in future and the NHS are inviting BETTER members to give their views. 

Planned orthopaedic surgery deals injury to the bones and joints including non-emergency surgery for sports injuries involving bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves.  Did you know that in 2018/19 the NHS had to cancel up to 10 planned orthopaedic operations each week due to the demands of emergency care? The NHS wants to change this so that patients have shorter waits and less cancelations.   These changes include creating two centres for inpatient surgery (which requires a hospital stay) as well as a choice of hospitals for outpatient care and day surgery.

You can read more about the proposals and also give your feedback using an online questionnaire at:  www.northlondonpartners.org.uk/orth_consultation