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Better were proud to sponsor the school relay, one of many races at Parliament Hill’s Night of the 10,000 meters PBs. The event is in its seventh year and the elite races are shown live on BBC. Hosted by Highgate Harriers the competition is an opportunity for the public and young people to see top class runners track side for free. It is an incredible feel with live music, circus performers, pyrotechnic dancers, food and drink. We were there promoting the local leisure services we provide in Camden and of course cheering on everyone who was participating in one of the many 10k runs. As 25 laps is a challenge some of races were team based like the schools relay which was won by the home borough Camden!

In the Men’s A race Italian Yermane Crippa outpaced German Amanal Petros (27.52) by 3 seconds in a remarkable run that saw Yermane cross the line for a time of 27.49! Britain’s Ben Connor was a few strides further behind as he claimed the bronze medal by completing his 25 laps in 27 minutes and 57 seconds.  

Steph Twell beat European champion Lonah Chemtai Salpeter (31.15) to win the British title with a superb time of 31 minutes and 8 seconds! Steph discussed the importance of a positive attitude and self belief, “On the back straight, I just thought, I could still see her heels, I’m not letting her go. I didn’t even think about her as European champion, she was just another girl in the race, and that was important to me to think she wasn’t out of reach.” Steph admitted “A few months ago, in my head, I would probably have let her go”.

Steph Twell’s achievements and fellow Scot Eilish McColgan, who clocked a time of 31:16, one second behind the European champion helped team Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the team golds overall.

This European event will be back at Parliament Hill next year so if it interests you, check out their website for more information: www.nightofthe10kpbs.com

In race order the winners and their times were:

Camden N/A (Inter school borough relay male and female) 

Ollie Garrod 31.36 (Men’s F)

Will Green 30.50 (Men’s E)

Sean Fontana 30.02 (Men’s D)

Hanne Vernbruggen 33.30 (Women’s C)

Mohamed Mohamed 29.00 (Men’s C)

Ross Murray 4.23 (Media mile)

Nina Lauwaert 32.52 (Women’s B)

Yitayew Abuhay 28.44 (Men’s B)

Steph Twell 31.08 (Women’s A)

Yermane Crippa 27.49 (Men’s A)