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An exciting new addition to the GLL family is soon to be Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub, set to open in early 2020.

Situated in the middle of the park grounds, this brand-new centre will be housing some cutting-edge equipment from Life Fitness and Escape Fitness with state of the art connectivity technology and space saving fitness solutions.

For members choosing to use the cardiovascular equipment, Life Fitness offers in-app connectivity which is highly user friendly - users simply scan the unique QR code on the machine which will link to their Life Fitness app on their phone and on any wearable fitness trackers, recording their performance and measuring progress. Stored on a “cloud” their information will then be available to them on their app and on any compatible Life Fitness machine, no matter the location!

Apart from being a massive benefit for our members, this technology also allows us as a business to track usage statistics, manage software updates and understand behaviour of members. For the keen runners amongst us, the fitness tracking is perfect to set targets and beat personal bests..

The Octagon Frame by Escape Fitness will offer functional and performance based training options at Gunnersbury and are smart space saving solutions already widely used across the world in boutique independent gyms to multi-national chains. This innovative, bespoke structure is manufactured in the UK and will house punch bags, kettlebell, medicine ball and Bulgarian bag storage solutions as well as dumbbell racks, all within minimal transition times – perfect for seamless HIIT training and high impact workouts.

With the frames being easy to manoeuvre around, it allows for use by multiple users training various styles such as Crossfit circuits, or simply using the area to enhance their day to day living and improve functional fitness. Whilst for those whose goal is to lose weight, the Life Fitness machines can easily be used for interval training, combines with Coach by Colour spinning, and rebounding in our studios. Whatever the goal, Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub has catered for it!