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Date posted 31 Mar 2022

Starting on May 4th 4.15pm-5pm for six weeks at Gunnersbury Park is an LTA Youth Start course for 6-8 year olds.

Who's ready to Level Up? This LTA Youth Start is for kids aged 6-8 years who are new to tennis. We'll help teach kids new life skills, developing them as both players and people.

We want to encourage children to play tennis throughout their lives – and be active too. So, if your child is aged 6-8 why not give it a try?

What is LTA Youth Start?

LTA Youth Start is designed to help children who are new to tennis start playing, building their confidence and skills along the way.

Who is LTA Youth Start suitable for?

The LTA Youth Start programme is suitable for children aged between 4-11 years old who have never played tennis before. If your child has played tennis before, then our Youth Programme might be more suitable.

What does the LTA Youth Start programme include?

The LTA Youth Start programme includes:

  • Six top-class tennis sessions
  • Equipment
  • Branded t-shirt
  • Activity cards
  • Certificate upon completion from your coach

About this course

LTA Youth Start is a starter course for kids, comprising of 6 high quality sessions, that introduce tennis to children in a fun and relaxed environment.


Wed, 20 Apr - Wed, 25 May 2022


6-8 years old


16:15 - 17:00


What can you expect?

  • An enthusiastic coach who has attended a specific LTA Youth Start training course
  • An LTA Youth Start racket, ball-set, and branded t-shirt delivered right to your door
  • An opportunity for parents to get involved

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Where to find us

  • Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub
    Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub, Gunnersbury Park, LONDON, W3 8LQ

To book the LTA Youth Start course  please click on the link below…