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Date posted 12 May 2022

On the last weekend in April, Brentford Football Club and Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust (BFCCST) in partnership with C-R-Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young) Charity,  ran a special Cardiac Screening event for  Brentford Football Club supporters and staff. The weekend event was run as one of a series of memorial occassions for the late Robert Rowan, Brentford Football Club Technical Director, who died at the age of 28 after suffering a fatal cardiomyopathy episode. 

The event was put out to a selection of Brentford season ticket holder as well as staff of Brentford FC and BFCCST, which sold out in a matter of hours. The ticket holders to the event were offered an ECG (Electrocardiagram) which records the electrical rhythms of the heart to check for different heart conditions, as well as an Echocardiogram scan, which is a type of Ultrasound scan  used to look at the heart and nearby blood vessels, to also look for defects. 

Both star midfielder Cristian Eriksen and Brentford FC Head Coach, Tomas Frank, attended the screening event to show their support and greet attendees, as well posing for a few photos with our GLL Duty Manager, Olek. 

Following the frightening close-call that Erikson went though at the Euros last summer, cardiac health is a topic now quite close to his heart. The event was also particularly poignant for Head Coach Frank, who was a close friend of Robert Rowan. 

For more information about the event CLICK HERE