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Date posted 12 May 2022

On Friday 6th of May participants from Brentford Communities Sports Trust's free football evening session on the 3G pitches at GPSH, had the chance to work with musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

So, why did they come? The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are working with The Football Association on the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Cultural Programme. From February through the tournament period in July 2022, they are tasked with delivering the EURO 2022 Anthem Project. This involves engaging fans and local residents in a range of musical opportunities and public events celebrating the history, ethos and future of women’s football.

The RPO set up a temporary make-shift bandstand out the front of Gunnersbury Park Sporta Hub, on the large white steps in front of where the anticipated café is going to open - much to the amazement of dog-walkers, park runners and regular frequenters of the park!  The session saw young people from the Brentford session get to try a variety of orchestral musical instruments – including wind, percussion and string - to have the chance to put their ideas forward to create a soundscape, contributing to a new Tournament Anthem that will feature at matches and in Fan Zones throughout the competition.

General Manager of Sports Hub,  Rob Ansell said, “It’s great to have such high profile renowned institutions such as the RPO come out to local communities and engage with them and inspire them with musical creativity.  The kids involved will be proud of their involvement and I bet, like me,  they can’t wait to hear the anthem!”

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