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31st January 2018 is “Work Out Wednesday”

More Brits will join a gym on this date than at any other point in the year

The most popular day for Brits to join a gym, leisure centre or exercise class is Wednesday 31st January according to Better leisure centres in Islington.

Gym memberships in Islington rise by up to 60% compared to the annual average, during the month of January, while the 31st January is the busiest day of the entire year.

Of those planning to take up more physical activity this year, more than 60% are resolving to walk more, rising to 74% of 24-35 year olds, 44% plan to start working out in a gym – rising to 84% of 18-24 year olds. A third of Britons intend to start swimming in 2018.

The survey also shows that we are increasingly relying on technology to keep us focussed and motivated when exercising. Two fifths (38%) of those surveyed will be using a fitness tracker or app when they work out, with the figure rising to 61% of 24-35yr olds.

In contrast, 31st May will see the highest level of attrition as New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside and we cancel out gym or leisure centre memberships. The most common excuses for not exercising include a quarter of those surveyed saying they had used the excuse of cold weather or the dark nights to avoid exercising, with younger respondents (35 per cent of 18-24yr olds) the most likely to be put off, compared to just 14% of the hardy 64-75yr olds. Lack of confidence is seen as a key reason not to exercise by 28% of 18-24yr olds, compared to just 4% of over 75yrs. While one in ten are tempted off the ‘straight and narrow’ by a favourite TV show or the chance to join friends in the pub.

Commenting on the findings, Islington's Community Sports Manager at Better leisure centres Gemma Tully said: “We see an increase in gym sign ups around 31st January as people are keen to fulfil their New Year’s resolutions, but having felt the financial pinch after Christmas await their first pay check of the year before committing.

“Yet we also know, sticking to a health kick or fitness regime takes tenacity and determination, the call of a comfy sofa or a convivial pub is always there. Our advice is to try and exercise with friends, take up an activity you genuinely enjoy or work with a personal trainer or coach to give yourself the best chance of success.”