Over 100 children and adults in the local community attended the Tigers Taekwondo workshop event with Olympic Champion, Jade Jones MBE and GB Olympic Coach Paul Green on the 18th and 19th June.

The workshops, which were described as inspiring, motivational, informative and uplifting, showcased Taekwondo at the elite level. Members and participants of Tigers Taekwondo had the opportunity to view at first hand high level atheletes and coaches. The workshops were extremely well received and a testament to Tigers Taekwondo, who continue to offer a fantastic learning experience for their members and participants.

Tigers Taekwondo is a young and fast growing organisation dedicated to providing first class Taekwondo training. Sessions cater to all ages and abilities, with kids and adult classes available.

Better’s Chelsea Sports Centre host Tiger Taekwondo sessions in their studio’s every Tuesday and Sunday. Click here for the full Tigers Taekwondo programme and further information to become a member or participate in Tiger Taekwondo sessions.