Date posted 04 Dec 2020

We delighted to tell you that we are now implementing plans to improve your gym here at Chelsea Sports Centre.

Revised Gym Layout/New Equipment

The proposed improvements are focused on responding to customer demand by installing new equipment and increasing the size of the current functional and free weight areas.  As part of the improvements we will be installing/upgrading the following:

  • New bespoke functional area with an additional functional frame with multiple stations including dip and TRX stations. This area will also include a sled track with weighted sled.
  • New Technogym cardio machines including Skillrun, Skillrow, and Stairclimber models, however we will be losing the following older equipment: 5 treadmills, 2 crossover machines, 1 crosstrainer, 1 bike and 1 vario machine.
  • In a revised free weight area at the far end of the gym area we will be installing the following:
    • New dumbbells to replace older ones.
    • New lifting platform.
    • New Olympic flat bench.
    • New Olympic half rack.
  • In addition to the equipment installations we will be making upgrades to the floors, .lighting and décor of the gym areas.

Further details and drawings of the proposed plans are displayed in the centre reception.

We are keen to hear your thoughts so please let us know your feedback by completing one of our customer comment forms, speaking to a member of staff or emailing us.


 Q: Why are you completing this refurbishment?

 A: Due to customer demand for new equipment, more functional, stretching and free weight space

 Q: How are you listening to our feedback?

 A: The gym is being enhanced as a result of direct feedback from users. We have proposed these improvements and are now keen to hear what you think.

Q: When will works start and how long will they take?

 A: Works to install the new Group Cycle Studio commenced during the recent lockdown to reduce disruption in this area.  Works in the gym area will commence on 10th of December

 Q: Will my gym session be disrupted during these works?

 A: Some sections will be closed off to allow contractors to work safely.  We will ensure disruption is minimised as much as possible.  We have some of the older machines being extracted on 10th and 11th December and the majority of the new machines being delivered on 21st and 22nd of December so disruption may be higher on these days. Customers are now permitted to use the toilets serving the gym area but not the changing/shower facilities.

 Q: What will the building works entail?

A: There will be new flooring installed in the revised free weight functional and stretching areas. There will be lighting upgrades throughout the gym area and there will be the development of a new Group Cycle Area in-between the male and female gym changing rooms. 

Q: Will any equipment be getting removed as part of the project?

 A: All resistance machines will be retained or relocated.  We will be losing the following older equipment: 5 Treadmills, 2 Crossover machines, 1 Crosstrainer, 1 Bike and 1 Vario machine, however we will be replacing the majority of the remaining treadmills with new ones, and adding the following machines: Skill Row, Skillrun and Stairclimber.


We hope you are as excited as we are to see these improvements take shape over the coming weeks and don't forget to keep checking back here for any updates.