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Tired of training by yourself in the gym? Are you looking for something new? Do you like participating  in classes? If yes, take part to our Fitness Classes and make your next step to improving your fitness and wellbeing. With our wide range of classes you can choose the classes which work best for you.

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If you are not a member of Canons Leisure Centre yet, do you know that there is a specific membership for Fitness Classes only?

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Let's Target


Burn calories and feel great. A series of cardio exercises will get you burning serious calories, and feeling fitter and more energised.


Get better strength and balance. The exercises in this session are designed to help you train and prepare your body for daily tasks by simulating common movements and muscles you use everyday at home, work or during sports. 

Stamina & Endurance 

Stay energised for longer. Using your own bodyweight and equipment, this class will increase your energy levels and help you exercise for longer, as well as improving your overall fitness level.

Strength & Conditioning 

Get stronger and sculpt. These sessions are designed to help you get fitter, stronger and leaner using a series of exercises using equipment and your own bodyweight.


Let's Move


Get fit the fun way. You’ll perform a range of cardio moves, taking each at your own pace, all guided by our friendly, motivational instructors.

Dance Aerobics

Dance yourself fit! Our range of Dance Aerobics classes combine exercise and choreography  with infectious music to keep you motivated every step of the way. Choose from one of our themed or discipline-based classes.

Fitness Rebounding

Bounce your way fit. A low impact exercise using a small trampoline. It’s fun, energising and infectious, but will make you work!

Water Workout

Refresh yourself! These invigorating, effective, but low-impact workouts in the water are easy on your joints. Choose from one of our themed or discipline-based classes.


An aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.


Let's Be Strong

Total Body Conditioning

Once you start, you won’t ever want to stop. These intense, exciting classes combine cardio and conditioning for a full on, high-energy workout.

Core Stability

Get better strength and posture. This low-impact class uses a range of innovative equipment and your own body weight to develop a stronger core.

Power Pump

Let’s get pumped. This challenging workout features a range of weight-based exercises, set to upbeat music that’s sure to keep you motivated.


Let's Focus


Loosen up and let go. Our mix of Yoga classes feature a range of exercises from energetic, full-body workouts to relaxing, more traditional poses.



Let's Work It

Group Cycle

Pedal your way fit. Work at your own pace as you cycle along with the group in one of our themed classes to uplifting music, or focus on achieving your goals in one of our discipline-based classes.


A class that really packs a punch. Boxfit uses a range of boxing techniques to get your heart racing and leave you feeling fighting fit.


Intense workout for immense results. We’ll put you through your paces, with high-energy interval training, designed to push you that little bit further and encourage a bit of healthy competition.