Date posted 28 Jan 2020

At the end of November Canons Leisure Centre went through their two day Quest assessment and received a very solid score of Very Good.

The team were able to demonstrate a strong passion for the centre with details planned in place as to how they want to move the centre forward in 2020.

The assessor spent time reviewing practises and policies, speaking with staff and regularly checking the facilities throughout their visit. The assessor was impressed with the array of activities available which meet the needs of the community.

The center scored Excellent in the following modules: Cleaning and House keeping, Team & Skills Development, Planning to Improve and Safeguarding. They also scored Very Good in Maintenance and Equipment, Environment, Customer Experience, Financial Management and Performance and Swimming Lessons.

The team are very proud of their achievement and received the score back in late December. It gives them a great platform to press on with improving the centre and service they provide in 2020.